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Home School Tip of the Week

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Home School Tip of the Week

Home School Tip of the Week is a practical resource for those who have made the decision to teach their children at home. One audio cassette contains all 48 tips, developed by Dr. Rhonda Galloway.
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Dr. Galloway’s introduction to HomeSchool Tip of the Week
As a college professor, a researcher, and a mom, I hope to offer some help to those of you who have accepted the responsibility of teaching your own children in your homes. I laud your efforts to provide your children with the very best education available to them in our society today. 
Based on my research of contemporary learning theory, I believe that you can succeed for several reasons:
  1. Parents can provide the solid, secure teacher/pupil relationship conducive to the child’s academic success.
  2. Parents have time to provide individual attention to the student and are available to monitor closely the academic progress of their children.
  3. Parents are suited to identify the amount of structure that is appropriate for their child.
In other words, parents can provide an educational freedom that the conventional classroom cannot.
The research literature consistently emphasizes the importance of family support in the academic success of students. But I know that most of you home school for reasons in addition to mere academic success. You want your children to become productive, well-adjusted adults firmly grounded in your family’s spiritual foundation.
I hope you’ll listen each week as I offer a few suggestions from my perspective that might help your family succeed in reaching these educational goals.

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