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La Maldicion de la Serpiente Negra

La Maldicion de la Serpiente Negra (The Curse of the Black Snake) is an allegory about a boy who must find a cure after being bitten by a snake. The story addresses Catholicism and magic, showing that Christ alone provides salvation. It’s a powerful evangelistic tool to reach Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. and around the world.

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Prosigo a la Meta

The title song of Prosigo A La Meta is based on Philippians 3:14. LikeConfia en El, it was written as a theme chorus for Campamento Meta, a youth camp in Mexico. This album was recorded on the campus of BobJones University by the Meta Ensemble. The ensemble was made up of former mission team members who traveled during the school year for 15 years, raising funds to help support Campamento Meta.

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Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. Tres coros del Campamento META
Track 1
10. en la Cruz
Track 10
2. Regocija en El
Track 2
11. Pon tus ojos en Cristo
Track 11
3. En Jesu Cristo
Track 3
12. Me guia El, Con Cuanto amor
Track 12
4. La Merced de Nuestro Padre
Track 4
13. Pertenezco a mi Rey
Track 13
5. Maravillosa Gracia
Track 5
14. Cristo viene
Track 14
6. Confia en el Senor
Track 6
15. Hay un precisoso manantial
Track 15
7. Somprado con Sangre por Cristo
Track 7
16. Comprado con sangre por Cristo
Track 16
8. En el Monta Calvario
Track 8
17. Oh Dios, se mi vision
Track 17
9. Ven a la Cruz
Track 9
18. Mi vida es tuya
Track 18
  19. Mi vida di por ti
Track 19

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Sublime Gracia

Sublime Gracia is a great tool for missionaries or pastors who minister to Spanish-speaking audiences. The 14 pieces in this recording are sung by a group of musicians whose goal is spreading abroad the words of Christ in Spanish.

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Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. Maravillosa es la nueva vida
Track 1
8. Sublime Gracia
2. Cristo cual pastor 9. Su gracia es mayor
3. Hazme pergrino 10. Dejo el mundo y sigo a Cristo
4. Nadie pudo amarme como Cisto 11.Suyo soy, y mio es El
5. En el valle florece la rosa 12. En el monte Calvario
6. En la cruz 13. Oh amor de Dios
7. Los pasos del justo 14. Hay un mundo feliz
Track 14

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